The interior of the Saint Louis courthouse, looking up. Sowers & Wolf is a true advocates for their clients in Saint Louis and throughout Missouri, trying cases of employment law and civil rights.

About Our Firm

A boutique civil litigation firm focused on the rights of individuals

Our partners are widely known and respected by those lawyers who practice employment law. In addition to advocating for our clients in court, we have testified before the Missouri legislature on pending employment legislation and provided input for the Missouri Bar Association on the potential impact of proposed legislation. Our firm’s lawyers assisted in the amendment of Illinois law to give individuals the right to sue in court for violations of the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Dedicated advocates

We level the playing field and will challenge even the largest employers on any issue to related to the discrimination and unequal treatment of our clients. We provide the strength and zeal to fight for our clients.

Employment Law

Our clients come to us with every manner of workplace dispute. We represent people with discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, and retaliation claims as well as in contract and severance negotiations.

Civil Rights

We represent people who were denied access to schools, restaurants, and other public spaces as well as individuals retaliated against for complaining about civil rights violations.

First Amendment

We represent state employees fired for exercising their First Amendment rights as well as individuals challenging municipal and state restrictions on First Amendment expression.


Silverstein Wolf has proven track record on appellate success. Many of our cases have influenced and shaped the law in our areas of practice.